Meeting New People – Dating

Meeting new people cab be difficult for some and near impossible for others – and that’s just meeting and making new friends. Finding a potential partner is a whole other story.  It helps if you are relatively extroverted, socially competent, prepared to take a risk (not to your personal safety), secure in your appearance, confident…yeah I know, that’s a tough list.

So where do you start?

  1. Through your circle of friends
  2. Through relatives
  3. At work
  4. At a bar or club
  5. At the park, gym, or local pool
  6. In a book or music store
  7. At a sporting event
  8. Online dating
  9. Eduction – Uni, TAFE, an adult education class
  10. Attend events like pub quizzes & trivia nights
  11. Go to gigs at pubs and small clubs
  12. Volunteer
  13. Career networking events
  14. Go to singles events
  15. Join clubs that may interest you.

Really funny article from 1958 on how to attract a husband: