Autopsies & Coroner’s Reports

A post-mortem, or autopsy, is the medical examination of a body after death.

An autopsy (and the issuing of a coroner’s report) may be required in the case of an unexpected death. This is when a healthy person dies unexpectedly, and an autopsy is required to determine (or confirm) the cause of death.

A hospital (or non-coronial) post mortem may be performed if the immediate family of the deceased person gives their consent.

When an autopsy is required on a baby, the parents must provide their consent for this to occur. In some instances, the baby’s death must be reported to the coroner.

A coroner’s autopsy is only performed if the coroner or police need information about the cause of death or if the death was suspicious. A funeral can take place after an autopsy has been completed.

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For more information see Coroners Court of Victoria – Reportable deaths FAQs.