Survey results

From time to time, we will conduct surveys of our audience and members to get their views on various topics. Surveys will be conducted through in-blog polls and Survey Monkey (and will be distributed through this site and various social media outlets).

Results will appear below:

Inaugural Survey (2019): About Us and what we want.

50 folk responded to our initial survey. The results are as follows;

  1. Gender
  • 100% of respondents listed themselves as identifying as female
  • 100% of respondents indicated that they were female by birth

2. Age 

  • 25% of respondents identified as being between 40-49 years of age
  • 75% stated that they were between 50-59

3. Race and Religion

  • All respondents identified as Caucasian
  • 35% stated that they held no religious beliefs
  • 35% Christian background
  • 30% Agnostic

4. Sexual Preferences

  • 88% heterosexual
  •  12% bi-sexual

5. Relationship Status

6. How do you feel about your current relationship?

7. Your role as a carer

  • 25% of respondents are the primary caregiver for children
  • 12.5% have a joint caregiver role for children
  • 25% stated that they had no specific caregiving role, but did a lot of household organising and administration
  • 25% indicated that they only had themselves to look after

8. Participation in a forum

  • 50% said that they were very interested in being a part of a forum like “The Ladies Lounge”
  • 25% said that they would participate if they could remain anonymous
  • 25% said that they would need to see how it worked first, before committing

9. Preferred topics to be covered

10. Preferred social media options

  • 50% were for a  closed membership Facebook group
  • 50% wanted a website with a membership section