Site Rules

Welcome to the Ladies’ Lounge.

Before you make yourself at home, please familiarise yourself with the site rules.

  1. Be nice to each other.
  2. Respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, and feelings.
  3. There are no stupid questions.
  4. You may not post images deemed to be pornographic in nature. If you are uncertain then contact the site administration (Contact Us).
  5. Expressing your religious and cultural beliefs is okay, provided that it is not done in a way that undermines the beliefs or lifestyle choices of others.
  6. You may express your political views, but expect to challenged.
  7. You may use curse words (swearing) provided that it is not used in a manner that is deemed abusive or offensive (as in used to abuse an individual or site member).

You may also want to have a look at our Policies page.

Any person or organisation attempting to use this site to promote unsavory, racist, sexist, or abusive beliefs will be blocked from the site, and have membership (if they one) discontinued.

If you wish to report offensive, unsuitable or suspicious activity, please do so via our contact page. (Contact Us).