Ten great things about menopause!

With almost all of the information out there centering around the negative aspects of perimenopause & menopause, I thought that it was time to put out my favourite things about the whole deal.

Here are my top ten things I love about menopause:


1. No more periods!
2, I don’t have to worry about falling pregnant
2. No more wasting money on contraception and feminine hygiene products
3. I can wear white and light colours all the time
4. All of my knickers can (and will) be sexy
5. No more PMS, hormonal headaches, cramps, and other BS
6. No need to plan holidays and events around my period (or worry about having to skip them)
7. One less item to pack/ keep in the handbag
9. I can drop obstetrics from my health insurance
10. I get the joy of embracing and starting of a new phase of my life.