Our Policies

Our Definition of Women

For this website/blog women are defined as any individual who identifies as a woman. This includes those who are born female, transitioning to female (or male), reassigned as female, non-binary, and gender fluid. (If I’ve missed someone out there let us know: Contact Us).

Purpose of this website/blog

The Ladies Lounge (www.ladieslikeus.com), its associated Facebook group, have been designed to provide women (as per the above definition) with a safe place to chat, gossip. laugh, moan and complain about all things relating to the experience of being a woman, especially as we age.  There are no dumb questions, trivial concerns or stupid responses. This is for us, and by us.

Access: Who sees what?

The main pages and information pages (Topics of Interest) and links are mostly available to the general public (yes this includes men and minors). Exceptions to this are any pages which contain sexually explicit material  (i.e. not related to medical information). Membership grants access to all pages, including the discussion forums.


To become a member you need to identify as a woman, be over 18 years of age, and have a current, active email address. (This will only be seen by the administrator and not shared with others accessing the site). The nickname you choose will be the name that other members see. You can register as a member here.

Political Views

Although politics (general as opposed to gender) is not the core purpose of this site, it is fair to say that we are fairly left-leaning. This does not mean that we do not accept people who hold a wide range of political points of view, and we are big enough to listen to any reasonable argument put forward.  Having said that, expect to be challenged.

If you wish to report offensive, unsuitable or suspicious activity, please do so via our contact page. (Contact Us).

Privacy & use of your data

None of the data collected by the administrators of The Ladies’ Lounge will be shared. Data collected by those registering (first name and an email address) will only be used to allow access to various areas and operations of this website and will not be used for any other purpose.

Details of the WordPress privacy policy and use of data can be read here: WP Privacy & Data Policy 

Religious & Cultural Beliefs

Expressing your religious and cultural beliefs is okay, provided that it is not done in a way that undermines the beliefs or lifestyle choices of others. You are free to believe whatever you wish, and conduct yourself in accordance with those beliefs (unless they break common decency and/or the laws of the country in which you reside). You are not free to insist that your beliefs should dictate others’ behaviours. For example, it is okay to say “I personally don’t believe in gay marriage because it is against my religious beliefs.” It is not okay to say “Gay people will go to hell because it is against God”. 

If you wish to report offensive, unsuitable or suspicious activity, please do so via our contact page. (Contact Us).

Site Bans

Any person or organisation attempting to use this site to promote unsavory, racist, sexist, or abusive beliefs will be blocked from the site, and have membership (if they one) discontinued.

Anyone attempting to promote a  business or product through this site, without the permission of the administrators will be banned and blocked from this site. (Contact Us).


Swearing (use of curse words and phrases) is permitted, but only if it is not directed at an individual. For example: “The state of women’s wages is fucked” is okay. “Member X (actual name) is a fucking bitch” is not. Exceptions may be made for cursing aimed at political figures.

If you wish to report offensive, unsuitable or suspicious activity, please do so via our contact page. (Contact Us).

Sources of information

Where known (and relevant), sources of information (including references to published materials and links to other sites, newsletters and alike) will be included at the base of each page/end of each article.

Links to service providers are based on materials publically available. We are happy to include details for other/user recommended sites and resources. Please provide details through our contacts page (Contact Us).

Photos and images used on this site are a combination of free attribution images available from sites like pixabay.com and pexels.com, and donations from site authors’ and members’ personal collections.

Spam, Trolls and Unsolicited Dick Pics

In an effort to reduce spam, ridiculous and offensive comments, troll activity and a proliferation of offensive images being posted to this sort, all comments to areas of the site accessible by the general public will be moderated before being posted.

Members’ pages and forums will not be moderated at the time of posting. However, if materials and/or comments deemed to be offensive by the administrators (and/or other members) or discovered, they will be removed.

Unsolicited Dick Pics will be collected and the posters tracked down through where possible. Any images determined to be illegal (i.e. of minors) will be reported to the Police.

If you wish to report offensive, unsuitable or suspicious activity, please do so via our contact page. (Contact Us).

You don’t have a policy on…

Have we missed something? If you think that we should have a specific policy on a topic not listed, please let us know (Contact Us).